Start creating better matter budgets
Plan, manage and monitor all matters from financial, regulatory and customer perspectives, with an intuitive law firm pricing solution that provides you with all of the information you need.

Easily prepare budgets and track against them as matters progress, and price with visibility of end profit.

Create more accurate budgets and track matter profitability easily

With BigHand Matter Pricing, your teams can quickly and easily track against budgets and look at more effective ways of pricing for profit.

BigHand Matter Pricing is the most advanced solution in the market - built for legal, by legal.

Gain matter profit insight before you begin

The increased use of fixed fees across the industry has shed a new spotlight on law firm pricing. Accurate pricing plans incorporating resource and timing requirements has never been more important to ensure a profitable practice. With the use of historical data, organizations can compare similar pieces of work, and build an accurate matter budget based on likely resource requirements.

Transparency for all

By building matter budgets from real, quantifiable data, businesses can ensure full visibility for every client. Having the ability to outline budget and resource requirements from the outset makes cost conversations easy and transparent. If scope changes, live budget tracking enables continued clarity, ensuring all parties have up-to-date information throughout the matter process.

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Pricing and Profitability

Create and stick to a consistent pricing strategy in your firm for optimum profitability and enhanced client transparency.