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In the midst of an economic downturn, law firms globally are being challenged on several fronts from profit to client engagement and talent retention. Lawyers are a law firm’s most valuable asset and attitudes towards work have changed with hybrid working in place.

Clients continue to increase their demands for financial transparency. They expect work to be carried out by the right resource, at the right time with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in mind. From prioritizing talent development to ensuring effective work allocation, law firms need to accelerate their investment in dedicated, efficient and insight-led resource management.

To better support the legal market with these challenges and understand law firms’ progress in achieving better resource management, during May 2023 BigHand gathered a total of 825 responses from law firm leaders, operations teams, HR and resource managers/ work allocation teams from firms of 50+ lawyers from North America and the UK.  Explore our latest market insights to delve deeper into the identified trends and discoveries.

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Safeguarding Profit in a Declining Market Through Resourcing

Find out how to achieve more profitable long-term engagement.

Increasing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Focus to Safeguard Profit and Relationships 

See why 85% of firms have received greater pressure on diverse matter resourcing.

Investing in People, Process, and Technology to Transform Resource Management Intelligence

Learn why 62% of firms are actively highlighting efficiency gains from implementing technology to clients.

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