Managing Time Entry and Delinquent Hours in a Crisis

Client success story originally shared on Iridium Technology is now part of BigHand. Learn more here.

Problem: A Carolinas-based law firm with nearly 200 attorneys needed accurate real-time reporting and analysis of employee hours in order to manage collections and cash flow during the evolving COVID-19 crisis. Monthly reports were not frequent enough for collecting delinquent data entries and there was no system to regularly alert practice group leaders to current data.

Solution: The firm implemented Iridium Technology, now part of BigHand’s AlertManager to drive alerts, distributed via email, based on time entry and delinquent hoursWith daily or weekly alerts, practice group leaders could quickly identify where timekeepers were out of compliance and adjust where necessary.

Impact: Practice group leaders now collect more immediate and reliable data to drive informed decisions in managing the firm throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This also helped the firm obtain more accurate data to assist in managing its resources. Faster time entry also means better realization and collections. “Time has the most value when you work it.”

About BigHand AlertManager

AlertManager is a revolutionary product that disseminates notifications either via e-mail or through users’ desktop or web interface. Alerts can be derived from just about any system and include advanced formatting capabilities to make your alerts stand out and be easily read. The advanced data handling features can also be configured to collect information back from the end-users.