Forward-thinking law firm, Memery Crystal, is set to deploy BigHand Pitching and Proposals to streamline internal processes and remote working

Regularly cited in Chambers UK and The Legal 500, Memery Crystal is a leading international law firm based in London. At a time when law firms across the globe are facing more competition for new business, and having to ensure consistent and professional branding to attract new clients, the innovative firm has opted for BigHand Pitching and Proposals, a dedicated pitching and proposal tool for law firms.

Kate Ewings, Head of Business Development and Marketing at Memery Crystal explains the decision to implement the legal pitching software, “We have a small, highly-skilled and agile Marketing and BD team at Memery Crystal. We look after the full marketing mix including the preparation of legal tenders or bids. Without any legal proposal software in place, we often have to recreate the documents from scratch, which is time consuming and sometimes leads to branding inconsistencies. We needed a way to save ourselves time while making the process more efficient and consistent.”

BigHand Pitching and Proposals acts as a central repository of organized information on a law firm’s varied experience that can be searched by users and accessed by third-party systems. This information can then be turned into professional, consistently branded legal pitch documents and presentations for a more efficient, streamlined pitching process, as well as facilitating a firm’s directory submission process.

Kate continues, “I could see in the product demo that BigHand Pitching and Proposals could help the marketing team to work smarter, not harder. By providing us with seamless access to all the information we need, from matter information, to business accolades or lawyer experience, we’ll be able quickly and easily create tailored proposals for our clients that really address their objectives and demonstrate our value.”

The legal pitching solution works effectively from any location, something that is imperative at this time with remote working set to stay and legal work inevitably becoming more competitive.

Kate explains, “In the current economic uncertainty, ensuring the pitching process is optimized and the firm stands the best possible chance of winning new business, is at the front of every legal marketers mind. With BigHand Pitching and Proposals in place we’ll be able to achieve this, regardless of physical location, while also freeing up our time for other valuable marketing work.”

“The BigHand Team are really proactive and have been great from the start.” Kate concludes, “For us, introducing BigHand Pitching and Proposals is all about ensuring every pitch document showcases the firm, stays consistent, and is relevant to the client, in a way that is streamlined for us, and saves the team time and effort. The BigHand team understood our objectives and have held our hand throughout the process to ensure we achieve them.” 

About BigHand Pitching and Proposals

BigHand Pitching and Proposals is an advanced legal pitching solution with a searchable data warehouse for optimized experience management. The solution allows business development and marketing teams to access relevant expertise and evidence from across the firm and present it in professional and compelling pitch documentation 

BigHand Pitching and Proposals