Deriving and Distributing Notifications from Multiple Systems and Data Sets

Client success story originally shared on Iridium Technology is now part of BigHand. Learn more here.

Problem: large Canadian law firm with more than 350 attorneys needed a flexible system that could generate alerts from its practice management system as well as other platforms and data sources, including Iridium Technology’s business intelligence systems. The firm also wanted a customizable data filtering system that was capable of more than basic demographics. Finally, it wanted the ability to schedule the delivery of alerts without requiring help from the IT department. 

Solution: The firm implemented Iridium Technology, now part of BigHand’s AlertManager. This allowed data to be filtered beyond basic demographics and provided the ability to distribute notifications by email from the firm’s existing system. Iridium, now part of BigHand integrated its Task Scheduler with AlertManager to enable a browser-based interface for quickly and easily scheduling the execution of data. The system’s flexibility and ease of use allowed users to regularly automate the delivery of alerts without needing assistance from the IT department.  

Impact: With AlertManager, the firm is able to generate reports based on any client attribute, including performance data based on a client’s industry. Users can easily derive alerts and distribute notifications without outside help, and the improved reporting and financial analysis provides the firm with more timely insights into profitability. 

About BigHand AlertManager

AlertManager is a revolutionary product that disseminates notifications either via e-mail or through users’ desktop or web interface. Alerts can be derived from just about any system and include advanced formatting capabilities to make your alerts stand out and be easily read. The advanced data handling features can also be configured to collect information back from the end-users.