Document Creation: Does my firm need it?

To gain improved profit margins, productivity is now more important with a greater emphasis being placed on reducing time wastage so lawyers’ time and resources can be spent on client focused billable hours rather than administrative tasks.

With increasing overheads and rising economic instability affecting the legal field, firms have shifted focus from the practice of law and putting more attention towards the business of law. Profitability is now at the forefront of most firms' minds as they look to improve their cost-efficiency.

However, boosting productivity is increasingly difficult especially in a hybrid-working environment without digital support in improving everyday practices like creating legal documents. Creating high quality, consistent documents is a core function of law firms who will send multiple important documents a day to colleagues and clients. Producing these documents can be time consuming and with pressure already on support staff and attrition rates growing, firms cannot afford to have legal administrative resources and lawyers’ time spent on manually creating documents.

Efficiency for lawyers & support staff

Through a user-friendly document creation solution, firms can streamline and speed up document production. This gives lawyers and support staff more time to focus on client valued work. By improving efficiency and focusing more time on priority tasks, firms can improve their ROI, while maintaining brand consistency on all templates at quicker speeds.

Improved client satisfaction

In a competitive landscape firms need to maximize all marginal gains to maintain client relationships. An easy way for firms to do this and improve client satisfaction rates is through always providing well formatted, consistent documents with minimal errors in all documentations, like engagement letters. With clients already expecting firms to focus more time on billable hours, streamlining document styling is an easy win.

Improved branding accuracy

A legal document creation platform improves document accuracy and can help minimize human errors. Without a document creation solution, it’s common for many firms rely on old manual processes, leading to inconsistent templates and issues with formatting. When reusing old documents, branding inconsistencies, security concerns and out-of-date or inaccurate information can become common. For firms a legal document reflects your brand, reputation, experience and success. When legal documents are littered with errors, poor attention to detail is never the correct value that any firm want to present.

How can BigHand help?

Client demands for firms to spend more time on client focused work is growing. In an industry already affected by the economic turbulence from various global factors like inflation, firms cannot afford more productivity losses. It’s important for firms to introduce digital support where possible to help streamline many of their existing, time-consuming processes.

With BigHand Document Creation firms are able to speed up document production times in a DMS-integrated legal document solution, that can be integrated with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Standardized templates can be created without the need for complex code, and deployed firm-wide in a single click for consistency, branding and improved version control, rather than using old templates leading to consistency errors. With the document creation technology, firms will also have access to key design features such as unlimited numbering, bullet points, styling and more.

Many firms have found productivity improvements through BigHand Document Creation, enabling staff to focus on client-focused work while ensuring that their legal documents were high quality and consistent.

Consistent legal document creation is crucial to building a trusted reputation and stand out from the competition. To learn more on how Document Creation can support your goals, arrange a demo now with BigHand to speak with one of our experts.

About BigHand Document Creation

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Save time, effort and money that can be reinvested in higher value areas. Make template management quick and easy with BigHand Document Creation.

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