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BigHand Impact Analytics is an AI-enabled timecard analysis tool that helps firms uncover the right value metrics to support lawyer development and DEI initiatives. This is done across firms billing information, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) data, and lawyer resourcing. The solution allows firms to identify areas where time recording needs to be improved, creating a smoother billing and collection process, opportunities for career advancing work and supporting DEI initiatives.

The Big Benefits

  • Analysis across multiple years for a practice area, team, or client 
  • Dashboards that provide easily digestible insights around key financial, data quality, and diversity metrics
  • Recommendations on staffing changes to improve efficiency and career satisfaction
  • Deep dive on key engagements looking at matter scope, unit costs, and staffing

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See BigHand Impact Analytics in action

Product Video - Impact Analytics

See BigHand Impact Analytics in action

See how BigHand's Impact Analytics allows you to access dashboards that provide insights around key financial, data quality, and diversity metrics.

How can BigHand Impact Analytics help me?

Choose a department to see the benefits:

  • Addresses clients' demands for greater cost transparency, fixed fee arrangements, and budget caps on complex engagements.
  • Analyzing historical billing data to gain insights into the time and resources required for similar engagements and creating profitable pricing models.
  • Provide actionable data that improves your legal service delivery and drives better value.
  • Improve billing narrative quality  can help prevent bill rejection and write-offs.
  • Improve profitable pricing models and clearly-scoped project plans that promote efficiency.
  • Seamless integration with existing systems.

  • Determines the best value pricing in their RFP and panel processes using UTBMS+ coding methodology. 
  • Achieve unprecedented budget accuracy and ensure that they are getting the most value for their legal spend.
  • Refining diversity, cost transparency, and compliance with guidelines to build stronger relationships with stakeholders.
  • Seamless integration with existing systems.
  • Provide actionable data that improves your legal service delivery and drives better value.

Key Features

Consistent Coding Accuracy

Impact Analytics technology tags legal work consistently within a certain code set so that the data provides reliable insight for pricing, project management and DEI reporting.

Optional UTBMS+ Granularity

Provides a deeper understanding of activity level unit costs that enables customers to evaluate the efficiency, transparency and profitability of their legal billing and DEI initiatives. 

Flexible Data Visualization

Allows customers to use the transformed data across different platforms. Data is easily exportable for reporting back to clients and key stakeholders

Identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Identification of key areas of improvement across the various teams, enabling data-centric conversations around needed change with easy-to-use dashboards to assist conversations. 

Improve Client Services

Corrected data allows law firms professionals to better frame the firms value story for clients while providing strategic guidance on to pricing, LPM, RM, and DEI. 

Identify Areas for Improvement

In depth analysis and review of key matters with our industry expert – giving recommendation and guidance on areas of improvement based on the firm’s strategic needs. 

Professional Development

Identification of career advancing opportunities that will help retain lawyers and maintain a productive and happy staff.

Analyze Billing Data

AI-enabled timecard analytics converts complex, inconsistent, and often dirty billing data to identify the true cost, effort and make-up of a matter. 

Monitor & Manage Costs

Once a fair and reasonable budget is agreed, firms can monitor and manage costs over time to maintain profitability and meet client demands for cost transparency.

Strengthen Communication

No more surprises! Cost-over-time mapping, actual-to-budget tracking, dashboards and collaboration features promote communication and transparency between law firms and clients.

DEI Insights

Identify quantitative and qualitative DEI data  for every activity within a matter surface implicit bias and enhance DEI initiatives.

Cost-Effective Pricing Models

Law firms and clients can create cost effective pricing models by understanding what complex matters should cost and why at a task level.

Strengthening Relationships

Build and maintain valuable relationships based on transparency through accessible, accurate billing data using AI-enabled timecard analytics.

Maximize ROI

Deliver a better return on investment for legal services by using data to drive better decision making and efficiencies.

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