Workflow Management Task delegation and support services work allocation, reporting and analytics


BigHand Workflow Management is a support services task delegation solution that allows work to be automatically routed to the right support staff at the right cost to the law firm, and monitored through to completion. Output reports can be used by management for visibility of key metrics like work type, volume, capacity and utilisation for informed resourcing and productivity decision making.

The Big Benefits

  • Enhance client service
  • Save money and boost profits
  • Improve turnaround times and productivity
  • Share and receive work seamlessly
  • Understand your resource capacity 
  • Make data-driven decisions

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See BigHand Workflow Management in action

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See BigHand Workflow Management in action

See how BigHand Workflow supports hybrid working by  ensuring the right person is tasked with the right work at the right time and cost. 

The Big Benefits

Enhance client service

by applying the right skills to the right task, at the right cost

Save money and boost profits

by avoiding bottlenecks, and submitting accurate work the first time

Improve turnaround times and productivity

when the right team members have instant access to the right information

Share and receive work seamlessly

and evenly between different teams and offices. 

Understand your resource capacity

with real-time law firm workflow visibility and data

Make data-driven decisions

about the best service model to future-proof your law firm

How can BigHand Workflow Management help me?

Choose a department to see the benefits:

Drive efficient support team output for optimal client and firm value. Automatically delegate tasks to the right resource, and pinpoint areas of process improvement with visibility of key operational data points that create a snapshot of the effectiveness of your support set-up.

Streamline administrative output, support hybrid working and optimise billable hours. Ensure work is delegated to the right skilled resource in any location, at the right cost, and use output reports for informed decision making on the best support service structure and processes to future-proof your firm.

  • Support hybrid working with increased support workflow visibility. 
  • Easily identify opportunities for support staff training, performance optimisation and structural change with transparency of key metrics like work type, volume, capacity and utilisation. 

  • Avoid missed or duplicated work with the centralised view of tasks including ‘Assigned to’ info, priority tagging & task locking.  
  • Streamline hybrid working and optimise turnaround times with visibility of workloads and the ability to re-allocate work to those with capacity, working from home or at the office. 

The smarter, safer alternative to shared inboxes. Provide your support teams with one centralised view of administrative tasks. Transparent and easy to implement, with minimal disruption or training requirements, and easy for you to update and manage yourself going forwards.

Optimise billable hours and track support work. Lawyers can quickly and easily assign tasks to the right skilled member of the support team and monitor progress from any location, freeing them up to spend more time on billable work. 

Key Features

Configurable Task Forms

Comprehensive forms to suit every type of support task your law firm requires. 

Intelligent Workflows

Single or multi-step workflows to automatically route tasks to the most cost-effective resource. 

Streamlined Task Processing

A live feed of all support tasks. Sort and filter by work type, assigned user, priority, due date, author, matter and more. 

Digital Dictation

Record high-quality voice notes, add comments or attach files and send for transcription. 

Speech Recognition

Seamlessly convert voice recordings to text, playback and edit. 

Email Integration

Submit tasks directly into the appropriate BigHand workflows, via email. 

Mobile Apps

Submit any task from iPhone, iPad or Android. 

DMS Integration

Attach or insert links to files stored in iManage & NetDocuments to any support task. 

Time Sheets

Automatic time recording for every task completed by any support team member. 

Client / Matter Lookup

Pull client & matter information into task forms from in-house systems (DMS, PMS, CMS). 

Process Reporting

Real-time and historical data on backlogs, throughput, service levels and support team effectiveness. 

Utilisation Reporting

Department and user-level performance data. 

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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What is BigHand Workflow Management?

A: BigHand Workflow Management is a task delegation solution that allows any type of legal support work to be automatically routed to the right support person or team meaning the work is completed at the right level, by a person with the right skills to turn it around in the shortest amount of time, and meaning the work is done at the right cost to the firm. Output reports can be used by management for visibility of key metrics like volumes and types of work submitted by team, capacity and utilisation of support staff, which enables informed resourcing and recruitment decisions.

Workflow Management enables firms to support office, hybrid and flexible working, enhance employee development & retention programmes and accelerate digital transformation strategies, whilst maintaining and increasing profitability across the firm.

Q: Who uses BigHand Workflow Management?

A: Workflow Management is used by teams across the legal, healthcare, property and financial services industries to bring visibility to work that was otherwise undercover often in email making it difficult to manage. By having everything in one system increases productivity, decreases turnaround and improves the speed at which work is returned to lawyers, and clients.

Within a law firm:-

  • Lawyers can delegate support work to support staff with capacity and the right skillset with ease and seamlessly track task progress, allowing them to focus on billable client work. The workflow automatically routes the work to the right resource or team without the lawyer having to make a conscious choice as to where to send it.
  • Support Teams can proactively manage their workloads with one central “to-do list” and optimise turnaround times for every type of support task, providing better service back to the lawyers and to clients.
  • Operations Teams can implement the best support service structure possible, and ensure work is delegated to the right skilled resource, at the right cost, whilst also understanding, using data, where performance could be improved.
  • Firm Management can access key operational data to help drive efficient support team output for optimal client and firm value.
  • Human Resources Teams can support hybrid working and easily identify staff skillsets, opportunities for training and development and future recruitment requirements.


Q: How does pricing work?

A: BigHand offers multiple pricing options based on your specific business requirements. Pricing is based on the number of licenses your firm needs, your desired level of access to our features and how you’d like to configure the solution to best fit your needs. To receive a custom quote, chat to a member of our team here.

Q: What workflow tier is right for me?

A: Every business is unique and will require different features that address the business challenge they are trying to solve. The Workflow Management tier structure ensures that you only pay for the features and functionality you need. View the features included in each tier in the table above, or chat to one of our product experts if you need more help choosing which tier is right for you.

Q: What Consultancy do you recommend getting up and running on the solution?

A: BigHand, we pride ourselves on taking the time to listen and understand your requirements. We have a dedicated team of experts with vast industry expertise who’ll create a consultancy package tailored just for you. 


We offer a range of consultancy options - from getting the software seamlessly installed and available to users, training to help you get the most out of the software through to helping you maximise success and your return on investment.

Ease of Use/Adoption

Q: Do you offer training?

A: Yes! We have a dedicated team of software trainers to help get your teams as self-sufficient as possible, as quickly as possible. We also offer flexibility for you to choose what type of training you require and how much of it you need which includes 121 training, online webinars and product training videos giving you flexibility.

Q: How much training do users require?

A: BigHand Workflow Management is designed with a seamless user experience in mind, meaning it’s easy to get your teams setup and using the software. In addition to any training sessions, you’ll also have 24/7 access to a range of training materials to help individuals across each of your departments harness the full power of the solution.

Q: How long does it take to get set up?

A: Users can be up and running in as little as 6 weeks, but exact timescales will depend on the scope of your project and your internal environment. For most of our clients, the project lifecycle (from the kick-off meeting to your users being fully onboarded) takes between 6-12 weeks.

Q. How do we ensure the tool is adopted effectively and what support will be available to us post project?

A: At BigHand, we do our best to work with clients pre-project to prepare end users for the implementation of new technology and process and align and configure to solution to fit your structure.

Post project, our dedicated customer support team will be on hand for technical questions, and we also have dedicated experts in place, many with extensive sector knowledge, to ensure you adopt the tool in the best way to maximise efficiencies, underpin relevant processes and ultimately drive your project to success helping to achieve wider business objectives.

At BigHand we also have a dedicated Customer Success team. Their responsibilities will include referring back to your original objectives to ensure these are being met, whilst also working closely on communications and messaging types for different users, analysing key usage and adoption data, updating you on key development and ensuring the continued success of the software at your firm.

Implementation Process & Ongoing Support

Q: What is support like? Is there out of hours service?

A: 98% of our customers say they receive outstanding support from BigHand. Our award-winning technical services team provide 24/5 support to every customer via phone, email or our online support portal. Your Account and Solutions Managers are only ever a call away and are committed to ensuring you’re always getting the most from the software.

Read about what our customers are saying here.

Q: What are the security measures?

A: BigHand aims to be recognised as an organisation adhering to the highest level of Information Security best practice and have implemented a formal Information Security Management System (ISMS). The ISMS is formally managed, controlled, independently audited and certified to IS027001 and Cyber Essentials Plus.​

Find out more about how we keep your information secure here.

Q: What support do I need from my IT team?

A: IT resource will be required to help determine the scope of the project based on your environment and to assist with implementation.

Q: What resources do I need for the project?

A: Below are the roles we typically work with to get a project up and running. Depending on the scope of the project, 

some clients will choose to split these responsibilities across multiple stakeholders, while others may appoint one or two individuals to take on multiple roles. 


  • An Internal Project Manager to assist with scheduling resources 
  • An IT Lead that can work together with BigHand engineers to ensure a smooth installation 
  • Comms Lead to help with comms around the software roll-out 
  • Subject Matter Expert/BH Administrator to manage and adapt the software, post-project 
  • An Internal Trainer to help with onboarding staff and encourage adoption 
Q: How long does it take to set up BigHand Workflow Management?

A: Users can be up and running in as little as 6 weeks, but exact implementation times will depend on the scope of your project and your internal environment. For most of our clients, implementation typically takes between 6-12 weeks.


Q: Can you create workflows and forms in house?*

A: Yes! When you start your project, our product experts will work with you to design a bank of Forms and configurable Workflows based on your internal processes. Once setup, it’s easy for you to adapt and add to these as your business requirements change.

Q: How do I build the right workflows?*

A: Our product experts will conduct a thorough assessment of the way you work today and carefully balance that with what you’re looking to achieve and incorporate this into the design of your workflows. This will ensure the right work gets to the right people at the right cost to your business.

Q: What data/reporting will I get from the tool?*

A: With Workflow Management, you have access to comprehensive data to help you make informed decisions about resourcing and productivity across your firm:-

  • Real-time visibility and access to backlogs & workloads (available in all tiers) within the BigHand Hub, based on user permissions
  • Process Reporting (available in Plus & Advanced) – Real-time and historical data on backlogs, throughput, service levels and support team effectiveness
  • Timesheets (available in Advanced) – Automatic time recording for every task completed by any support team member
  • Utilisation Reporting (available in Advanced) – Department and user-level performance data

Customer Success / References

Q: Do you have client references?

A: Yes! You can read case studies from customers of all shapes and sizes here.

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